Who We Are

N3 Foundation is a private foundation,established by Mr. Li Hao and approved by Department of Civil Affairs of China's southeast Anhui Province on the 20th Feb 2013. It's previously named as Li Ensan Education Development Foundation of Anhui Province, and later renamed to the current name on the 15th January 2014.

N3 Foundation has been deeply engaged in the field of public welfare in China for 7 years, and has been committed to the exploration of a new generation of public welfare model. The development process from public welfare version 1.0 of material assistance to public welfare version 3.0 of transforming with living skills, that has witnessed continuous and sustainable efforts within sectors namely environmental protection, cultural protection, artificial intelligence accompaniment and food education etc. Current three priorities include helping the disable, health care field, green public welfare with focus on the disable, the left-behind children, social entrepreneurs and the lonely elderly these four groups people. N3 Foundation has mission of realizing ordinary happiness that the youth are greatly nurtured, the adult are employed, the elderly can lived their last years in happiness; the people with special needs and all others can be supported by landing practical public welfare projects and enhancing people's skills. 

The name of the foundation comes from grandfather Li Ensan1925.6.182003.10.11of Mr. Li Hao, who is the founder of N3 Foundation, enterprise’s mentor and the founder of China Talent GroupCTGCO.,LTD. Mr. Li Ensan came from Xin’an town, Lu’an city, Anhui province, he was with lifelong deafness due to decease got at childhood, meanwhile he had met a lot of different challenges in his whole life due to the changes of the macro environment. However, with his diligent efforts and self-improvement, Mr. Li Ensan raised his children and grandchildren alone, fully reflecting the valuable quality of the Chinese nation's hard work, bravery, kindness and perseverance. As influenced by grandfather, Mr. Li Hao started to participate environmental protection projects since he studied at university, and implemented the core of being responsible for society via servicing human resources sector. To memorize the whole life of his grandfather, Mr. Li Hao established 'Hua Xia Ensan Social Responsibility Promotion Centre' at 2007, and to apply for establishment of N3 Foundation at 2013.

The name reminds we should be grateful. There exists related story in China, which told that when a little bird grows up,it feed food to its mother, which is handed down orally from generation to generation, creating today's complex of feeding back. Being grateful is an attitude that warms life, a virtue that beautifies the soul, a responsibility that gives back to the society.N3 also means that as long as we are united, we can promote the infinite possibilities of a harmonious society.

Society of great harmony, contentment of live and work
The youth are greatly nurtured, the able-bodied adults are employed, the elderly can lived their last years in happiness, the people with special needs and all others can be supported
Gratitude, mutual support, dare to be first
N3 Foundation was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Participating Organization of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's 'Yilu Walking' public welfare platform.
The founder Mr. Li Hao donated RMB10,000,000.
The Foundation was awarded the '5th Festival of Public Welfare - Innovation Award 2015.