Li Hao, founder of N3 Foundation, founder and chairman of CTG, and youth entrepreneurship coach. Influenced by his grandfather, Mr. Li Ensan, he has devoted himself to public welfare for more than ten years, caring for the four major groups of people with disabilities, left-behind children, social entrepreneurs and the elderly, as well as environmental protection, cultural preservation and public welfare in the field of health. Mr. Li Hao's grandfather, Li Ensan, was a self-reliant and charitable old man with disability who raised two generations of children and grandchildren with his own hands. 

Under his grandfather's influence, Mr. Li Ho has always been committed to contributing to the community. To honor his grandfather, Mr. Li established the N3 Foundation in 2013 and has upheld his grandfather's values of 'gratitude, mutual support, dare to be first', and has carried on his grandfather's legacy to fulfill his social responsibility to realizing ordinary happiness that the elderly to live out their natural lives, the middle-aged to be of service to society, young children to have a place where they can grow up in good health, the old and unmarried, the old and husbandless, the young and fatherless, the old and childless, and the disabled to be provided for. During his university days, Li Hao started his own entrepreneurial exploration and successfully explored various fields. He brought a brand new HR outsourcing model to the HR industry, and actively explored and applied a new training model to help many young talents realize their entrepreneurial dreams, putting forward the virtuous cycle theory of 'responsibility - development' - doing what he is good at in the industry, making full use of his own resources to realize social value, and bringing the enterprise itself to a higher level of social responsibility. 

He regards the development of business and social responsibility as partner to promote each other to achieve a virtuous cycle. Faced with the relationship between business and public welfare, Mr. Li Hao has always adhered to the belief that 'public welfare should not pursue fame and fortune, and that corporate feeding public welfare is sustainable', he actively exploring the win-win path between business and public welfare, and making his own contributions to public welfare. He was awarded '2008 Asia-Pacific's Most Creative Chinese Entrepreneurial Leader', '2011 China's Top 100 Active Entrepreneurs', and 'China's Best Philanthropist in 2015'and many other distinguished awards.