N3 Foundation, through linking with many well-known enterprises and public service lecturer, has developed a series of customized empowerment courses for the disabled to find proper jobs and stimulate their enthusiasm for employment.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:the disabled


Disability Enabling Services

1.Occupational Skills Empowerment

It covers new media, office software, photography, Photoshop, Premiere, workplace etiquette and workplace preparation and so on.

2.Life Empowerment

We carry out public welfare activities such as matchmaking activities for single people with disabilities to help them have a happy family life. 

3.Disabled growth

We are committed to helping people with disabilities solve their psychological problems.For example, in response to the 2020 COVID-19, we conducted mental health relief sessions.


Since its inception, We always adheres to the principle of openness and transparency of information, and actively makes annual audit reports, annual summaries, project information and other data to achieve real openness and transparency of data to the public.


 Learning from excellent experiences and lessons at home and abroad, explore new funding process models, improve the standardization of self-funding processes, and ultimately achieve data-based online query of projects, funds, donations, administration, etc.

Wide Range

After continuous exploration in many fields ,we now focus on the two fields of public welfare helping the disabled and public welfare health, as well as the four major groups of people with disabilities, left-behind children, public welfare entrepreneurs and lonely elderly.


 We were recognized as a charitable organization in 2017; topped the FTI score in Anhui Province in 2018; and won the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's Outstanding Participating Organization in 2019 for its "Yilu Walking" public welfare platform.


2019 coverage

In 2019, 12 public service empowerment events were held with 815 participants.

2020 coverage

From early 2020 to early May, 22 public service empowerment events were held with a total of 729 participants.

COVID-19 activities

In response to the Covid-19 in 2020, a mental health relief course was being conducted in conjunction with the Meter Home in Hangzhou, an organization committed to empower the disabled.

2019 progress

-In February 2019, we launched the 'National Online Dating and Networking Event for Persons with Disabilities', which was attended by 500 people.

-From September to December 2019, we conducted a series of new media courses for the vocational empowerment of persons with disabilities.

-In December 2019, invited by 'Hello Group', we planned a theme activity of 'Career Planning' for its 16-year-old deaf volunteer 'Zhuangzhuang'.

2020 progress

-January 2020, conducted tutorial courses on the use of Photoshop.

-From January to March 2020, the New Media Course held.

-March-April 2020, courses of 'EXCEL skills' and 'PPT skills' held.



· Project Inception Date:January 2019

· Beneficiaries:the disabled

· Nums. of enrolment:1,544 

· Nums. of coureses:34

Contcat Us

· Phone:+86 564 3998851


· Address: Xin'an Town, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China