In order to solve the problems encountered by people with disabilities in the course of employment, such as difficulties in accessing employment information and lack of employment skills, N3 Foundation, in cooperation with the Public Welfare Institute of CTG University, supports person with disabilities to have equal learning opportunities, acquire a developable vocational skill, access relevant resources in the same field, and create the possibility of increasing equal employment opportunities through online classes and the accompaniment of public service mentors.

·Project Inception Date:December 3, 2019

·Beneficiaries:Institutions for the disabled/the disabled


Jiguang Project

1.Course Platform 

Through the PC or mobile login platform of CTG University Community College, which is the joint sponsor of N3 Foundation, it is possible to break the limitations of space and time and realize a convenient and efficient way of learning for the disabled.;

2.Promotional Platform 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of learning, the 'Jiguang Project' has opened a live broadcast platform in TikTok and Kwai.;


Registration - Classes - Submission of assignments for verification of learning outcomes.



Since its inception, We always adheres to the principle of openness and transparency of information, and actively makes annual audit reports, annual summaries, project information and other data to achieve real openness and transparency of data to the public.


 Learning from excellent experiences and lessons at home and abroad, explore new funding process models, improve the standardization of self-funding processes, and ultimately achieve data-based online query of projects, funds, donations, administration, etc.

Wide Range

After continuous exploration in many fields ,we now focus on the two fields of public welfare helping the disabled and public welfare health, as well as the four major groups of people with disabilities, left-behind children, public welfare entrepreneurs and lonely elderly.


 We were recognized as a charitable organization in 2017; topped the FTI score in Anhui Province in 2018; and won the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's Outstanding Participating Organization in 2019 for its "Yilu Walking" public welfare platform.



The 'Jiguang Project' learning exchange WeChat group is established to provide course explanation and Q&A for the students. As of June 2020, there are 376 people in the learning exchange group.

Live online

2 new media e-commerce courses, analyze of employment condition of people with disabilities and share interview skills.

Phase I

In the context of the International Day for People with Disabilities, we took action according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to empower people with disabilities and launched the project with 174 people opened accounts.(2019/12/03-2020/01/03)

Phase 2

During the epidemic period of 2020, we actively responded to the policy requirements of the Party and the State on epidemic prevention and control, and provided free online learning opportunities for our partners in the plight of the epidemic, with 376 accounts opened. (2019/12/03-2020/01/03)

Phase 3

In order to support people's home employment and entrepreneurship, and on the basis of this, we have added a new series of courses of PR Professional Video Editing, which explains in detail how professional video editing software Premiere cc 2019 should be used from three dimensions: basic operation, advanced operation, and practical cases. In addition, we will also share the TikTok operations course in a live format, and provide ongoing escort incubation services for potential IP accounts.(2020/07/22-present)


· Project Inception Date:December 3,2019

· Beneficiaries:Institutions for the disabled/the disabled

· Nums. of the opened accounts :174 (Phase 1)/ 376 (Phase 2)/ 142(Phase 3)

Contcat Us

· Phone:+86 564 3998851


· Address: Xin'an Town, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China