By linking with many famous enterprises such as CTG, Country Garden and Intertek, as well as public welfare organizations such as Shanghai Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Base, Songding Group and Chinese organization for albinism to provide entrepreneurial support for the disabled.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions


Practical Employment Services for the Disabled

1.Enterprise job adoption:

according to the number of enterprises and the requirements of the disability insurance policy, we help enterprises find suitable disabled people and support them to participate in professional courses on workplace abilities and vocational practice, so that they can improve their competitiveness in the workplace and better integrate into society.

2.Job trial for enterprises or social organizations

According to the personal characteristics of people with disabilities, we negotiate with enterprises to open up jobs suitable for them and give them practice opportunities to help them understand the requirements of the workplace, find their gaps and room for improvement, and provide reference for their future careers, as well as a channel for enterprises to understand and hire employees with disabilities. 

3.Volunteer Service

According to the personal characteristics of people with disabilities and the volunteer service needs of enterprises or social organizations, we organize suitable volunteers to provide services for activities for people with disabilities, so as to help them gain a sense of personal value and social needs, promote enterprises and social organizations to fulfill their social responsibilities, promote co-habitation.


Since its inception, We always adheres to the principle of openness and transparency of information, and actively makes annual audit reports, annual summaries, project information and other data to achieve real openness and transparency of data to the public.


 Learning from excellent experiences and lessons at home and abroad, explore new funding process models, improve the standardization of self-funding processes, and ultimately achieve data-based online query of projects, funds, donations, administration, etc.

Wide Range

After continuous exploration in many fields ,we now focus on the two fields of public welfare helping the disabled and public welfare health, as well as the four major groups of people with disabilities, left-behind children, public welfare entrepreneurs and lonely elderly.


 We were recognized as a charitable organization in 2017; topped the FTI score in Anhui Province in 2018; and won the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's Outstanding Participating Organization in 2019 for its "Yilu Walking" public welfare platform.



We have successfully helped 70 people with disabilities to realize their dream of employment, jobs including front desk, human resources, finance, customer service, design, copywriting, public number operations and many other positions.

Case-Brand Operation

Yingfang Hu, brand operations assistant, a cute pre-90s girl, cheerful, warm and kind, good at design.

·Hobby: drawing, travel, sports, photography, handicraft, mime. 

·Job evaluation: A competent assistant who is proactive and helpful, does her best for team goals, and gives her passion for public service.   

Cases - Project Assistants

Cheng Yue, who has been deaf since childhood, was successfully employed with the help of us, and she developed the habit of reading and learned to use a computer and printer.

Case-Audio Post-Production

Wang Peng, post-90s, had played games to waste time, now immersed in the sense of accomplishment of work, his technology has improved significantly, and find self-confidence, as work gives him the opportunity to realize the value.

Case-'Lili time' Café

During September 2019, we posted Lili time's recruitment order widely and specifically to help it recruit,which won Lili time's trust, and we have since engaged other collaborations.


· Project Inception Date:January 2019

· Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions

· Nums. of successful cases:70+ (Up tp June 2020)

Contcat Us

· Phone:+86 564 3998851


· Address: Xin'an Town, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China