In order to broaden their career paths and enhance their employment opportunities. N3 Foundation provides professional social worker accompaniment services for people with disabilities and helps them identify their career paths and gaps and discover their potential through professional human resources services and empowerment training. At the same time, we provide stable post service for people who are successful employed to ensure that the probationary period is successfully completed.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions


Support Services for the Disabled


·Research and analysis of job requirements:Corporate/Social organization job demand survey

·Assessment of the abilities of people with disabilities:MBTI Professional Personality Test, Career Planning 

·Targeted training:Targeted orientation to different vocational capacity-building courses 

·Onboarding:One-on-one resume coaching, interview coaching, matching job aspirations with positions 

·Stabilization support:Long-term communication mechanism after employed, follow up with HR and business departments to assess and adjust the incompatible items. 

·Psychological counselling:Psychologist support, case specialist guidance 

·Organizational volunteering of public welfare:Organizing people with disabilities for volunteerservice 

·Salon activities: Handicraft, hands-on experience salon, public service exhibition and promotion of production results 

·Thematic activities: Candidates and HR participate in parties, skills competitions and other thematic activities to promote employment contracts 

·Capacity building:Targeted training according to the direction of job promotion


Since its inception, We always adheres to the principle of openness and transparency of information, and actively makes annual audit reports, annual summaries, project information and other data to achieve real openness and transparency of data to the public.


 Learning from excellent experiences and lessons at home and abroad, explore new funding process models, improve the standardization of self-funding processes, and ultimately achieve data-based online query of projects, funds, donations, administration, etc.

Wide Range

After continuous exploration in many fields ,we now focus on the two fields of public welfare helping the disabled and public welfare health, as well as the four major groups of people with disabilities, left-behind children, public welfare entrepreneurs and lonely elderly.


 We were recognized as a charitable organization in 2017; topped the FTI score in Anhui Province in 2018; and won the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's Outstanding Participating Organization in 2019 for its "Yilu Walking" public welfare platform.


Professional Personality Test

90 person-times



Career plan

90 person-times



Resume coaching

63 person-times



Interview coaching

63 person-times



Stabilization support

122 person-times




· Project Inception Date:January 2019

· Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions

· Total service times:570 (Up to June 2020)

Contcat Us

· Phone:+86 564 3998851


· Address: Xin'an Town, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China