Employment Assistance For the Disabled

Jiguang Project

In order to solve the problems encountered by people with disabilities in the course of employment, such as difficulties in accessing employment information and lack of employment skills, N3 Foundation, in cooperation with the Public Welfare Institute of CTG University, supports person with disabilities to have equal learning opportunities, acquire a developable vocational skill, access relevant resources in the same field, and create the possibility of increasing equal employment opportunities through online classes and the accompaniment of public service mentors.

·Project Inception Date:December 3, 2019

·Beneficiaries:Institutions for the disabled/the disabled

Disability Enabling Services

N3 Foundation, through linking with many well-known enterprises and public service lecturer, has developed a series of customized empowerment courses for the disabled to find proper jobs and stimulate their enthusiasm for employment.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:the disabled

Practical Employment Services for the Disabled

By linking with many famous enterprises such as CTG, Country Garden and Intertek, as well as public welfare organizations such as Shanghai Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Base, Songding Group and Chinese organization for albinism to provide entrepreneurial support for the disabled.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions

Support Services for the Disabled

In order to broaden their career paths and enhance their employment opportunities. N3 Foundation provides professional social worker accompaniment services for people with disabilities and helps them identify their career paths and gaps and discover their potential through professional human resources services and empowerment training. At the same time, we provide stable post service for people who are successful employed to ensure that the probationary period is successfully completed.

·Project Inception Date:January 2019

·Beneficiaries:Disabled persons with employment intentions