“Five Packages” Project

Prepare five packages for the elderly: New Year's package (winter warm outfit), rice and oil package (New Year's gift, a 50kg of rice and 5L of cooking oil), happy package (monthly haircut, birthday party, traditional festival gifts), cool package (heat medication, cleaning supplies) and health package (annual physical examination, moxa, daily blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring), so that the elderly feel the warmth of the community, experience the company of family members.

After-school Class

This program aims to provide normal education for dropout students with mental retardation bytutoring their homework or setting up art classes to raise their interests. Through this program, we can help to moderate the resource shortages from special education schools in the rural areas and provide equal educational opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities.

Food Education

The project targets the primary school students aging from 6 to 12 years old, creating a series of interesting learning pedagogy to help them gaining more knowledge about food and their body, learning about balanced diet, and forming a good understanding for life and diet. During our classes, we introduce dietary habit, human digest system and food origin to children, helping them know the importance of food nutrition and health to enlarge their horizon. Students are encouraged to think about important elements of having a nutrition-balanced diet, and experience food’s mystery through funny art creation.

Yichuang Future

Yichuang Future-Youth Social Innovation Platform is a support and service platform for social entrepreneurs and is dedicated to supporting early-stage social innovation projects in terms of transformation and development. The goal of the platform is to build an industry ecology, gatherindustry resources, strengthen industry professional capacity, and serve industry practitioners, thereby helping to facilitate effective social innovation and positive solutions to social problems.

Elite Circle

Through in-depth dissemination of the Chinese national culture around the world, creating a national cultural content output and exchange center, using the combination of national culture 'into colleges' and students 'into villages' to innovate the concept of vertical integration of national culture, create unique cultural exchange circles, cultural communication circles, and cultural distribution circles, build a cultural experience base for college teams to spread China’s little-known traditional culture around the world.

Student Assistance in Luan xinan High School

In order to help poor children from Lu’an xinan High School to finish their studies, RMB 200,000 has been subsidized annually for scholarships (students and teachers) and book purchases since 2013.